Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New chicks

To me, one of the wonders of nature is eggs hatching. That an egg can develop into a chick, and that chick can break it's way out of a shell, on time just seems to me, well magic.
Our last hatching was very successful with six out of the seven eggs hatching, one Light Sussex and five Buff Orpington, the seventh egg was infertile.
The hatch before that was far less successful, six Buff eggs, bought from Ebay from apparently champion stock brought forth just two chicks, two of the eggs were infertile and two had died early on in the shell. Altogether we had set ten eggs, four from another chicken fancier in Ireland, all her eggs hatched, as have all of our own eggs. I guess transporting eggs from the UK by air does the eggs no good. Anyway, I now have seven Buff chicks and a trio, all unrelated , hopefully we will have some good birds.
I am hoping to also increase our Light Sussex stock, however, the cockerel prefers the Jersey Giant hens and keeps flying over the fencing into their run, it's not that his wife's don't like him, they are quite happy to be mated by him, but for some reason he wants to be in the other run, this despite the J.G cock giving him a hard time.

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