Saturday, March 24, 2012

Almost a drought

The weather is continuing to be very dry, and warm, since the outside was finished, complete with the new guttering we have only managed to collect 500lts of rain water and that is in twenty four days. This time of year we would expect to have that amount in a week or even less.
As the weather is so warm we decided to put our chicks into their outside housing and run, although they are only just over five weeks old, they love their new quarters, and were straight into eating the grass. They have grown exceptionally well, but we are sure that out of the fourteen only six are hens although it is still a bit early to tell. As they are cross bred, both parents from duel purpose birds the cocks will be for Sunday roasts.
The rabbits kittens are growing well and are now a week old, no longer looking like hairless blobs. Mum is very protective and has had a go at Simon, so it's best to leave them well alone. I can just imagine having to go to the Doctor with a ripped hand and trying to convince her that it was rabbit damage.

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  1. Many years ago, my youngest daughter got bit by a goat, and she needed medical care. The doctor had never heard of anyone getting bit by a goat.