Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Old year wimper, New year roar.

The last few months have been mild although quite damp, possibly this is my euphemism for wet, yes it has rained, a lot . New years eve was a brightly star lit night, this however did not stop the rain, coming back from the pub the rain was so heavy it was impossible to see the road. Yesterday and today we are having hurricane force winds, 140k an hour. Not much damage has been reported, a few trees down but that seems to be all.
This weather gives us plenty of time to plan outside work but not much work is getting done. We have managed to complete all the spring bulb planting, and we have managed to plant half a new hedgerow, about 25m so far, this is a mixture of beech, spindle, red dog wood and viburnum, we are hopeful that this will provide some shelter for the veg garden and also attract more wild life to the garden.These plantings are protected by wind break fencing so at least they should have half a chance.
The cats are unimpressed with the weather and have taking up their bird watching activities from the kitchen table or our bed, that of course is when they are not sleeping. The few that do venture out do so with their ears flat against their heads.
It is nice to remember that we have now had the longest night and spring will soon be here, in fact today I bought some tulips, just to remind myself that spring is coming.

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  1. Happy New Year! The bulbs will be spectacular. I may be asking for future hedging advice.

    Stay dry!