Friday, December 30, 2011

End of the old year

I often wonder what Christmas means to many people, if you have children or family it is a wonderful time to get together and celebrate, if you have Christian faith then the celebration should be for Christ's birthday but to many people it is an excuse to over indulge. Each year we say we are skipping Christmas, so far we have not managed to do so but we came close this year. After having made all the preparations to celebrate with a friend she gave us just three days notice that she would not be coming. Unfortunately the turkey was ordered, all the food and drink had been bought so we had to carry on. The drink will still be there next year as neither of us really like drinking, and none of our other friends drink. Next year will be different,it is already cancelled, just the excuse I had been needing all these years. There was one highlight to our non Xmas, we have always loved Irish country music and we went to see Brendon Shine, a well known Irish singer, in our local town. He performed for two and a half hours non stop even though he is now getting on in years, all for a cost of just ten euros, that's what I call real value, it was the high light of our Xmas.

It has been a very mild winter so far, although quite wet, the weed seeds are already getting ahead of us so we will have a major job even before we start planting the veg, the seed catalogues are now out and it is a great way to spend a few hours planing what we will grow this coming year. Our lemon tree is feeling very sorry for it's self although it is in the tunnel we suspect it needs more light, hopefully it will revive with the longer days and once the sunroom is built it will live there.

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