Friday, November 25, 2011

Donkeys and Ducks

At last the donkeys arrived on Tuesday, we had thought of several names for them but as soon as they were in our field they looked like a Pippa and Pea, short for Sweet pea. These were our fist thought of names after we had gone to see them at the farm. The foal(Pea)is about seven weeks old and is the image of her mum and whatever mum does the foal has to follow suit. Although we went to great care to build a nice stable for them, so far, apart from food they seem determined to ignore it although we have had some heavy rain. Today is however bright and sunny although windy.We had been told that Pippa has been used to being handled but the lad for whom she had been bought had lost interest in her, so far we have not been able to handle her, she will come for a bucket although keeps her distance until she feels we are at a safe distance, we had been told that all donkeys will sell their souls to the devil for ginger biscuits, maybe we are the wrong sort of devil as that has not worked! although as soon as it was thrown on the ground, at a safe distance from the 'Human' she ate it with relish. I think we might be going through quite a few packets of ginger biscuits! Pippa seems to spend most of her time looking over the hedge, maybe looking for her elder daughter, unfortunately we didn't feel that we could take on three donkeys, after all we're not as young as we used to be, and we only have one and a half spare acres of land, the rest is for the veg and fruit growing plus the hens and ducks.
Yes, we now also have the ducks, we had planned on having just the three, one male and two females but the farmer gave us one for luck, well lucky for us maybe but not so lucky for the spare drake who will become a Sunday diner sometime.
So now we have the complete live stock entourage, hens for both meat and eggs, rabbits for meat, ducks for meat and some eggs, donkeys for the manure for the veg and fruit, the small orchard is planted so hopefully within the year we will as self sufficient as is possible with two acres of land.

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