Sunday, November 20, 2011


It's always nice to have visitors it means we have to take time out and we get the chance without feeling guilty to revisit favourite places and to explore new ones. Carrowkeel in Co. Sligo is an ancient burial ground dating back to over 3000bc, throughout Ireland there are so many interesting ancient sites to visit but the West of Ireland is littered with passage tombs.
Then there is the coastline, beautiful sandy beaches, rocky ones and some great surfing beaches, one of our favourite places is Lissadel, again in Co.Sligo and now quite a distance to travel, it is known for it's mussel beds which are supplied to the better restaurants.Unfortunately on this visit it was getting late and I had no bags with us in which to collect mussels and I'm sure our friends would not have appreciated wet mussels in the boot of their posh car, so it calls for a further visit soon to collect a feast.

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