Thursday, January 26, 2012


So maybe I was a little complacent about the weather. Yesterday we awoke to snow, admittedly it was not much and was clear by midday but given how mild it has been so far it was unexpected .
We are in the process of having the cottage externally insulated , in the new part we had cavity wall insulation done but the original part is stone so no cavities to fill. The job seems to be taking for ever having been started three weeks before Christmas, the company then shut down for three weeks for the holidays, we find it quite stressful having builders around all the time, especially when they speak no English, our team are from Poland. Although the job is not yet completed we are already finding a difference, our aim is to be as energy efficient as is possible.
The broad beans in the tunnel are looking good and the peas which I pre-germinated are already up in the tunnel. Lots of seeds are now in the electric propagator that we treated ourselves to.
We have set some eggs in the incubator hoping that we might have some table birds later in the year, we are also hoping that the rabbit is pregnant, she's due the 9th Feb. We were a bit worried that our buck was in fact a doe as we had lent him to friends for their doe but she has failed to produce, but a quick check today has reassured us that he is a he, so we will wait and see what happens.

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