Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ducks and strawberries.

We were getting somewhat worried about our ducks as we had had no eggs from them, some silly person on a poultry site I've joined even sugested that we had drakes and not ducks, well if we don't know the difference between the sexes after keeping poultry for nearly thirty years, I guess we never will. Anyway I decided that we needed a couple more ducks so off we went to look at some. This guy had some of the most beautiful birds we have seen and we both fell for a lavender duck and the chocolate ones that he had. Instead of coming home with two ducks we bought three. The existing ducks and drakes were very interested in the new comers but were not too keen in allowing them to share their house. This lasted just a day, they quickly became one big flock and within a week we had our first duck egg, laid by one of our original girls, so not only are we swamped with hens eggs, we now have duck eggs as well.

The weather is still strange, last Thursday we had temperatures of 20c now we are back to just 10c. The nights are cold, and tonight it looks as though we might have a frost again, so far the fruit trees have not been affected, I hope I have not spoken too soon. Despite the chilly nights we have picked our first strawberries and I am hopeful of finding some mange tout peas ready for Sunday lunch.

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