Friday, May 25, 2012


Our young rabbits are growing well, and the time has come to separate the males from the females, some people find sexing easy, others, like us need a book in one hand and a rabbit in the other. However we think we have got it right. and have five males and seven females.
As with all young things there are always favourites, ones that will never end up in the freezer, and these get named, once named we know we will never eat them. This time it is a little black male, he survived against all odds, he was less than half the size of his siblings when born and has remained small, and cute! We are also keeping a female, called Goldie, we have never seen a rabbit of this colour before so she will also stay. Quite what we will do with these two has yet to be decided, maybe Blackie will find a good home as a pet, we will probably have to find mate for Goldie .
Rabbits, as we found out in Spain make the ideal small holding animal, they are easy to keep, apart from a couple of break outs when they ate our spinach, they can be fed on straight grains, plus they keep the grass both cut and fertilised. They are also very clean animals, using just one corner of the run as their toilet, so easy to gather up for the compost, as their manure is not particularly hot it can be used directly for some crops such as potatoes and maize. We feed all of our weeds to them, and any green waste from the kitchen with the exception of onions and potato peel, they repay us with ready made compost.
Definitely the ultimate re-cycling machines.

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