Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The garden was noisy today with the buzzing of bees and hover flies, although the daffodils are now nearly over, they were so early this year it is now the turn of the tulips and other spring flowers.
I have planted the flower gardens with what I hope will be permanent plants and bulbs with the intent of attracting the pollinators, summer flowers apart from roses and summer bulbs are old fashioned cottage garden seeds, Larkspur, Clarkia ,Nigella, and cornflowers plus several others. Providing the slugs leave the seedlings alone the garden should be a riot of colour and provide plenty of food for the bees.

We do seem to have a problem with the slugs, they have munched their way through our pepper plants that were doing so well. I have had to make a further sowing of them, fortunately we invested in an electric propagator so they should come on OK. We have a vast array of slugs here and have counted at least fifteen different types, our ducks enjoy the ones we sling to them but there are far too many to collect them all up so I will have to use a barrier of salt.

We are now down to three Buff cockerels, one is in with our trio, and two spares, just in case, we sold one boy today. When we bought these birds they were young, but were assured they were all hens, all four turned out to be cocks. Still we know the boy has gone to a good home with a young poultry enthusiast. The trio are doing great, and this week we had our first eggs from them. Now being swamped with eggs and ice cream made now we are making lemon curd, plus lots of meringues, but there is only so much two people can eat.
If anyone has any other ideas of how to use up lots of eggs please let us know.


  1. When I end up with a surplus of eggs, I always make pickled eggs for the gang. A good quiche is always a nice light supper.

    Your flowers are looking gorgeous. My perennial beds are still under snow.

  2. and a daffodil cake for dessert ;) my mom used to go through a dozen eggs making this: http://www.wikihow.com/Bake-a-Daffodil-Cake
    thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my blog, anne. i'm only just catching up now, and what a lovely surprise to find you here. i've enjoyed reading some of your past posts and look forward to more. :) lizzy