Sunday, April 8, 2012

baby rabbits

The baby rabbits now look like ...well rabbits! They have found the great outdoors and are having great fun, running up and down the ramp, trying the grass, and enjoying life.There is a vast array of colours amongst them, white with the dark ears and noses, just like dad, brindled, like a wild rabbit, a beautiful golden fawn one and just one black, he/she is the runt of the litter, but cute and surviving well.
The local magpies have great curiosity about our rabbits, no doubt eyeing them up as a potential meal, but we like to think that it is maybe some strange form of friendship. The rabbits seem to think so.

We thought that we had cropped all of last years potatoes however today yielded a further 2 kg, they show no sign of rot, this is the Sarpo Mira variety, and blight resistant.

We now have a glut of eggs, I would have set some in the incubator but this is out on loan to a friend , as repayment she insisted in giving us a dozen goose eggs, I want to have a go at making decorated eggs from some of them, but I think five will be quite sufficient to experiment on, so what to do with all these eggs? Then I remembered a wonderful recipe for home made ice cream that we used to make in Spain, so we now have two, one lt tubs of pure ice cream, we did buy a small container of raspberries for one lot. Delicious, but very fattening.
I will also be making lemon curd this week, again a good use for all these eggs.

Unfortuantly the weather is slightly damp today, we had hoped to go out into the country side to see the bluebell woods, I have never known them to be so early as they are this year, and the perfume in the woods is lovely. This is yet another endangered species of plant, thanks to modern farming methods and the destruction of deciduous forests. There are lots of forests being planted here in Ireland, most of it is Sitka spruce, although some birds and Pine Martens will inhabit these forests, the flora is non existent.

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