Saturday, May 6, 2017

Early summer colour.

Freddy doing a bit of bird watching.
Time has flown, I can't believe that it's nearly three weeks since I last posted, it's not so much that I have nothing to write about but more of lack of time and energy, life seems to be one hospital or doctors visit after another, if it's not for me then it's for Simon, it gets very tiring, sitting for hours waiting to see this specialist or another and one test after another. I guess this is just a sign of old age, I don't feel old in my mind, I still think I'm a teenager, who or what stole all those intervening years, and condensed them into a moment?
Webers Parrot.
So not  many words this post, just photos of our early summer flowers.
Perfect Match.

Red Hat.
Tulip Night Club. a multi headed tulip.
Tulip Swan Wings.
Camassia Leichtlinii.
Garlic Ramsons.
Cow Slips.
Ornamental Cherry. 
Apple Blossom.
A pink Blue Bell.
Lough Key Crab apple.
Queen of the Night.
Flowering Cherry, not ours though.
Things are growing well in the garden despite  having virtually no rain for five weeks now, parsnips germinated well, but no sign of the carrots, the same goes for the leeks, these will have to be replanted.
 Every day there is some new forest or gorse fire, many of these are started deliberately, today we passed acre after acre of burnt moorland and some forestry has burnt as well.


  1. You have such a beautiful garden, those tulips are gorgeous, I grew tulips for the first time this year and they have been amazing, I shall be looking for new varieties next year.

  2. Many thanks, I love my garden. We have a lot more different types of tulips, but I cant post all of them.

  3. I love that photo of Freddy watching the birds, I remember our cat in similar poses. I can sympathise about all the doctor and hospital visits, I've certainly had my fair share over the years and there isn't a week goes by these days that either my mum or dad has an appointment. Your photos are lovely, you have so much in bloom, your garden must be a riot of colour.

    1. Freddy is an absolute darling, he follows me as though he is a dog.
      It is getting very tiring all these hospital appointments, the ones in Galway are especially the ones in Galway as traffic is horrendous. The gardens are looking great, I love to see so much colour.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos, I also love the tulips! And lovely to see all the blossom too. I like the snap of the flower bed with Meg next to it, so much colour! Sorry about all the hospital visits, they are draining. sending lots of love xxx

    1. Yes the garden is looking very good at the moment, it's definitely a spring and summer garden for colour. Well fed up now with the hospital visits.