Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Aughris Head, Sligo.

Two of the Bens.
Sunday was a beautiful summers day, (unheard of in Ireland)and the fact that it's still May is unbelievable, we have had temperatures of 26c, anyone would think we were on the Iberian peninsula. We headed out across the Ox mountains, with no real destination in mind, but as usual, we ended up on the Sligo coast.
We watched as a small fishing boat went about it's business, seagulls following it, maybe they were waiting for a catch.
We drove round the coast road and ended up at Aughris Head where there is a lovely olde worldy thatched pub.
Last time we were there the kitchens were closed for renovations but they have been completed and you can now get a great meal or snack there.
A good helping of mussels  and a glass of Sligo craft beer.
 I opted for a big bowl of mussels, with garlic bread, they also had a Sligo craft beer on tap. It's great that so many places have jumped on the band wagon of craft beers, we've not had one yet that we haven't liked.
The humble Hawthorn, so beautiful when you look closely.
Water Avens.
The season is completely out of kilter,
I've never seen it so early.
we have seen wild honeysuckle,
dog roses,
and yellow flag irises all in flower, at least one month early, in the case of fuchsia two months early. We have also spotted blackberries in bloom.
All of our roses are now in full bloom
and several of our clematis are also flowering,
and also our blue Solanum , it looks lovely against a golden briar.
We have had the first of our courgettes and the mange tout peas, Sweet peas have already got flower buds on them, they are at least two months early. Tomatoes are also flowering, it looks set to be a good year.
Cattle enjoying a sea view. 


  1. Such beautiful scenery. We've had some wonderful weather this year, very early, so I suppose that's why things are flowering earlier.

    1. Same here Jo, only a few light frosts and very dry. The flowers are more high summer than early summer.

  2. Such a beautiful post! What amazing weather you have been having and great to hear it's set to be a good year. Day trip sounds wonderful, mussels and craft beer on the coast is a great combination xxx

    1. Thanks Lauren, it amazing how many craft beers there are now, I'm enjoying trying out new ones wherever we are. It really does look set for a good gardening year.