Monday, August 24, 2015

Taking advantage.

O'Brien's tower.
The last few days we have had friends staying and they brought the sun with them. We were a bit worried that we would not be able to find enough interesting places to take them after their ten months away, back packing in South America, after all how can any country compete with the Inca heritage? How ever we have all enjoyed the visit even if we have managed to clock up 1000k in just five days, more than we do in six months.
It's a long way down.
We at last had a visit to the Cliffs of Moher, a place that we had longed to go. We were not disappointed,
Part of the Burren.
the drive is spectacular, and takes in part of the Burren, another place that we have yet to really visit, but that's for another day, it is renowned for it's flora and covers 250sq.k. (100 sq.miles)
 The cliffs are 7000feet above sea level, and on a clear day you can see the Arran Islands,
Ruined fort 'Mothar' demolished during the Napoleonic wars.
unfortunately it wasn't a really clear day so we didn't see them, neither did we see the Puffins which nest there, maybe next time.
High-rise accommodation for birds.
It was windy but warm enough to enjoy our picnic.

The visitors centre is a very large eco building complete with a living roof, in fact more correctly the building had been built into the side of the hill and the hillside is the roof. It is run on geo-energy. Over 50% of all the rubbish which the visitors create is recycled and the lighting is all motion sensitive so power is not wasted.
A lot of thought has gone into this wonderful tourist spot and it was well worth the visit.
On the Wild Atlantic Way.


  1. Wonderful, Amazing, Beautiful, Historic, ....... most definitely worth a visit.

    1. Yes Lynda, it was well worth the visit.

  2. Agree with you completely there, Anne. A wonderful place to go. And if you can clamber your way up INTO the Burren, the range of plants will amaze you.

    1. There are certainly two orchids that we have never seen there Matt, and a couple of other plants that we have never seen but I don't think we would go 'clambering' most of the land is owned by farmers.

  3. What a fabulous place, those cliffs are breathtaking. I think everywhere has something to offer.

    1. It was a great trip Jo, we were so impressed with the eco aspect of the building, so much thought has gone into it, and the views are fantastic.

  4. That was a superb spot, so stunning, just a little bit nippy near O'Brien's tower! Thanks for an amazing day xxx