Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Taking advantage, day two and three.

Day two of our friends stay we all awoke to another warm and dry day, after a rather middling summer you have to take full advantage of warm dry days, especially if you wish to picnic. We decided on a trip to Florence Court in Co. Fermanagh. We have visited this National Trust attraction many times but we never get bored with it, for our friends it was a first visit.
The only bit of the house we got to see, maybe next time.
We have however never had the 'House' tour, and this visit was no exception. Unfortunately the house tour that we had hope to do for was fully booked and the next one would have made it rather too late for the trip home, there is always the evening feeding and bedding down the poultry, making sure they are safe from predators.  However, for us the main attraction is the beautiful woodland walks,
you never know what you will find growing,
in this case it was Broad leaved Helleborines,
and the newly restored walled gardens.
We were last there ten months ago and things have certainly progressed,
it is taking on an established look.
The rose gardens are still in bloom
and the herbaceous beds were a riot of colour,
I thought bees didn't go for Dahlias.
the bees certainly appreciated them.
I want to know what this plant is, it's lovely.
On our way to Florence Court we stopped off by
the river at Swanlinbar to eat our picnic,
it was a lovely spot but was devoid of any midges, wasps or other flying insects which is a little worrying.
The little river was in full spate, and the water brown from the iron ore which is in the nearby mountains, possibly the Sliabh an Iarainn  mountains ,which translated means the iron mountain.
Once again the day stayed fine for us, it really doesn't rain all the time in Ireland, although to listen to some people you would think it did.
The next day was our weekly visit to the farmers market and the day we  deliver our eggs to various people, as we were also going out for a meal that evening we had to stay close to home and
The perimeter wall at Clogher Fort.
Clogher Ring fort is less than half an hour from home and always worth a visit no matter if you have been there before.
Lauren, being small and slim even managed to explore the souterrains,
Jason got part way in, both of them were very impressed.


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  2. I've never actually seen a walled garden but i do have lots of DVD's of them. For me it would be the pinnacle of veggie gardening, with a potting shed. Oh to have a lovely picnic with friends by a river, lucky you.

    1. Walled gardens would be on most gardeners wish list I'm not sure of the origin of them however, I must look it up. Sitting by water is always so calming, I love rivers and waterfalls.

  3. A shame you couldn't take the house tour but at least you've got a reason to return now. I love walled gardens, it's so nice to see old ones being restored to their former glory.

    1. Yes Jo, a good excuse to go back! I think every veg grower would love a walled garden and it is lovely to see them being restored, there is one in our local town which belongs to the prison, unfortunately the current governor does not allow the prisoners to use it, previously the prisoners were producing food for the prison plus plants and flowers for the town.

  4. Just popping over after reading your comment on my post about food intolerance.
    Looking forward to following your journey to self sufficiency.
    I am pretty sure the pink plant is physotegia (obedient plant)

  5. Many thanks Gill, yes that is what the plant is, now all I have to do is track down a root of it.
    Look forward to reading more of your blog.

  6. Such a pretty garden and another amazing day. The fort was really impressive and I loved that we found the "hidden" tunnel leading inside. Wish I'd been braver to go a little further...next time when armed with a torch! xxx

    1. We will make sure you are armed with a torch next time, would love to see photos of the inside.