Monday, April 21, 2014

Six minus four equals five.

                                          This is a strange story, but true.
 In February we bought some rabbits, one doe with two kittens, who met an unfortunate end due to mink attack, and two bucks, one of whom turned out to be a doe. This girl who we have called Snowdrop had six kittens, four which died, possible killed by the other rabbit who was in with her and was in fact her brother.
 As soon as we realised that these two rabbits were in fact male and female they were separated, leaving Snowdrop with her two remaining kittens, they have grown well and are now nine weeks old. We also have another doe, Daisy, she has six kittens, now six weeks old. All eight kitten are pure white, just like their mums.
Two plus three new arrivals.
The rabbits get moved twice a day, morning and evening, rabbits  eat quite a lot of grass, our environmentally friendly lawnmowers. Last night when Simon when to move the runs he though that Daisy's kits had escaped and got into Snowdrops run, suddenly there were five kits with her, but one was black! We don't have any black rabbits.
The run is double wired, taking no chances with the mink.
The new arrivals are slightly smaller than the two originals, if they are the same breed as ours they are probably a couple of weeks younger,  fortunately Snowdrop doesn't seem to mind the sudden increase in her families size, and they seem healthy enough, but why do people think they can dump unwanted animals onto other people, why do some people seem to have no conscience of going onto other peoples land?
We never used to lock our house when we went out, in fact the last time we felt we needed to do so we were still living in the UK, over twenty five years ago, but that  changed when we found that on a couple of occasions visitors had called, found us out but still entered our house, once even leaving a   note. To us this is not acceptable behaviour however well you might know people. Since then we have started to lock up. It now seems that we will also have to padlock the gates to stop more unwanted animals being dumped on us, and I'm guessing that we will never know where they came from.
We have now booked our piglets, two Tamworths, or as they should correctly be called, Irish Rooting pigs, we had always thought that this breed originated in the UK but apparently they are an Irish breed. All we need now is the visit from the man from the Dept. and our herd number.
            The garden has a beautiful array of flowing bulbs now,
many of them perfumed, with the Wall Flowers the perfume is quite heady.
                                       I had not realised how many different types of
This little daffodil has a white ring around the trumpet.
                             daffodils and narcissi we have planted over the last three years.
Beautiful colour and shape.
Some of the newest bulbs were Tulips, many have incredible shape as well as colour to them.
such vibrant colours.
I hope that with a good top dressing of blood fish and bone meal they will continue for many years to come.
I love these frilled tulips.
                                             The hedge rows are white with the
                                                    blossom of Blackthorn,
            and banks full of violets, primroses and the humble dandelion.
It is a very colourful spring time. The Swallows arrived last week and at last we have  heard the cuckoo, later than last year, but it seems that summer is on it's way.


  1. The flowers are looking great, love all the different varieties of daffodils.



    1. I hadn't realised how many different types we have and they all bloom at different times, giving a continuous display.

  2. Oh but I miss that garden!!! Absolutely beautiful many narcissi! Gorgeous. Can't believe someone has been bold enough to dump their rabbits with you, selfish and cowardly! And MASSIVE congratulations that you've booked Tamworths! Hope you don't have to travel too far to collect them xx

    1. The new rabbits have settled well and are just part of the rabbit family now. Yes, I'm pleased that the pigs are ordered, but they are a long way away a good two hours drive each way. Even more bulbs have started blooming since you left, every day is a surprise.

  3. The flowers Anne are just so beautiful. Your new piglets are happy at their new home.As far as I know we don;t have to do anything to have pigs, I am sure the government will get involved soon enough More money in their pockets. I love the picture of Felix and Tess. Your trip to Mayo looks wonderful. I have been to Mayo but never to Ceide Fields. It was always closed when I visited. Have you been the COuntry Life Museum? My daughter and I went there and had such a lovely time, the gardens were so beautiful. Its windy and cold here today with rain coming in, Some snow in the mountains but not here. Minnie continues to improve, Yea. My best to you

  4. So pleased to hear that Minnie is improving, she looks lovely. Yes, we have been to the Country Life Museum, it's not too far from us, it was interesting.