Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sheer Indulgence.

Christmas blew in with hurricane force winds, many people both here and in the UK had no electricity, we were lucky, although the winds battered everything around us  we sustained very little damage, a couple of hen house roofs, and some damage to the straw bale roof, all of which are now repaired. Now we have just a strongish wind but lashing rain. It could be a lot worse, but it is still relatively  mild, things are still growing, and we are planing and ordering seeds and potatoes for next years food.
Just a little decoration.
We did little in the way of decorations this year, just holly and ivy on the hanging candelabra, with a few glass baubles, and lots of lovely bees wax candles.
Felix playing sky football.
Sparky and Felix our two young cats had great fun with the baubles playing sky football,
Sparky looks on.
I'm so please we decided against having a tree, they would have dismantled it in minutes.
Just sufficient, not too much, not too little.

The turkey and ham were very good,
We love Christmas pud.
the Christmas pudding was excellent although it was made much later than it should have been, very rich and black,
With flaming brandy.
just as a pudding should be with flaming brandy,and lashings of brandy butter, we look forward to the second one that we have made which will be eaten at Easter.
We also made our usual homemade sweets, but this year we just limited it to fudge, it made lovely gifts for friends and was much appreciated by all who received it.
Some fudge for us.
We did keep a little back for ourselves, after all, we had to make sure it was OK.
Yesterday our stomachs were given a bit of a rest as we went to friends who  were giving a luncheon  party, entirely vegetarian. There were so many wonderful tasty dishes, our friend must have put in a tremendous amount of work into the planning and cooking of this banquet, as she was also catering for vegans, it was a wonderful meal, with very good company.
Today was our turn to entertain, we kept it fairly simple, cold meats, homemade coleslaw, our own beetroots which we had clamped,
Homemade Scotch eggs, cant beat them.
homemade scotch eggs, delicious, freshly baked bread rolls followed by a serious sherry trifle. To end it all the Christmas cake was sampled. The indulgences of Christmas has now ended.
Time to get back to simple fare.
Time to start looking forward to the new year and to start sowing seeds.
Time to start planning what breeding program we will have this year, maybe a pig again. we will see.
Although we try not to do Christmas, we always do. We like the trimmings that make Christmas a special feast. Wish we didn't like good food so much, so we have once again indulged too much. Our excuse? It's only once a year.


  1. That fudge was absolutely lovely! We too are trying to get back to normal after the seasonal feasting. I find it hard to get back to outside work again. Be great when all the goodies are gone...nearly there!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, we have just two pieces left, we still have three quarters of the cake, but it is so rice we only have a small slice at a time.Went to cover and feed the rhubarb today to find it was up two inches already, might be eating it in Feb if the weather stays mild.

    2. Not rice, Rich!!!

  2. Looks like you had a beautiful Christmas! The cats look like they had a lot of fun too. Jason's mouth is watering at the home-made scotch eggs! x

    1. I will send you the receipe so you can make them for him as you cant get them in Spain, you don't need an oven.

  3. I agree with your husband. You definitely need a wind turbine/solar hybrid system.