Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas. Seasons Greetings.

The last minute rush is over, the shops are closed for two whole days, and whatever has been forgotten will probably not be missed. Any cards that should have been sent have hopefully reached their destinations and for those not sent there is always Ecards. Panic over for another year. Turkeys which are not receiving the kiss of life in various ways of turkey preparation are all breathing a sigh of relief, they live to see another day.
Our Turkey has undergone the amputation of it's legs in  the preparation for the mid winter feast.
They have been boned and de-sinued, stuffed with a herby Organic sausage meat stuffing, sage thyme, onion, celery, parsley and apple,
then rolled skewered and then frozen ready for roasting at some future date, one will be cooked for Sunday when we have friends coming over, the other one will be a Sunday roast. The remaining stuffing will be used for stuffing balls, and to make scotch eggs.
The cake has now been decorated in seasonable adornments.
The ham is marinating in brown sugar and cloves, ready for baking in a flour and water pastry crust tomorrow.
All that remains is to make the Brandy Butter, cook the beast, boil for several hours the Christmas Pudding and pick some veg, but that is all for tomorrow.
Decorations remain in their boxes, holly and ivy is still on the trees, we will get round to all that in the morning. No Panic.
We have been reliably informed by our local radio station, Mid West Radio that Santa  left Ballyhaunis at six o'clock this evening and will be on time to make all his deliveries .

 Wishing you all a Very happy Christmas or Yule tide, or just plain Seasons Greetings.


  1. The cake looks wonderful - Merry Christmas

  2. Thanks Ian, it adds a bit of colour rather than white icing which neither of us like.

  3. Your cake looks lovely. Hope you had a good Christmas Day.

  4. Traditional recipe, very rich, the best part for me is the marzipan, made from scratch, there's something in the packet stuff that I'm allergic to, food colouring maybe? we will save a slice for you and Andy.

  5. The cake looks brilliant! Great idea for the turkey legs too! x

  6. It takes a bit of time to do but is worth it if you don't like the dark meat.