Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You can't get fresher.

One of life's pleasures is real food that's fresh, and you cant get fresher than growing your own, from the soil to the plate in the time it takes to cook which in the case of todays potatoes is just twenty minutes, they only needed a quick wash and they were ready for the pot, mixed salad leaves plus a few herbs and the first of this years spring onions.
No food miles and no harmful chemicals, the salad leaves didn't even need washing, and I could find no sign of slug damage, I wonder where they have disappeared to, maybe it's having a couple of ducks that are ranging freely, or maybe it was just too hot for them over the last couple of weeks.
The garden is now looking lush and very productive, it's hard to remember that just two years ago all that was here were two fields of grass and a couple of mature trees, since arriving we have planted around three hundred trees of various sorts, some fruiting,
some flowering and some for coppicing. We still have more to plant, five Horse Chestnuts which we raised from seed last year, another Sweet Chestnut, also raised from seed plus Sea Buckthorn and roses all from cuttings plus thirty seven trees which we had from the 'Plant One Million Trees in a Day' scheme.
The new pond has settled down well and the planting is now complete, Daffy duck and her sister come for their daily dip which if they are keeping the slugs down is a fair exchange.
'No Name' kitten is growing very well, he remains nameless as we keep changing our minds, he is the liveliest kitten we have ever had, he is also the most wilful kitten and can throw quite a paddy if he doesn't get his own way.
He also eats us, he greets us with huge purrs and then sinks his teeth into what ever part of us is unprotected, it's very painful and something that we have to break him of, he also does it to the older cats who are now exercising discipline with him , not that he takes any notice, he will not back down despite getting his ears boxed on a regular basis, they had been very patient with him to start with, still he is only eight weeks old, so I hope he will learn in time.


  1. Lovely clean looking spuds and beautiful kitten pictures.

  2. your kitten is so adorable!!! love the look all those fresh veggies! I can hardly wait to taste the fruit of my labour in July/August!