Sunday, June 30, 2013

One day on.

Just a day after starting the new raised bed it is now completed and planted.
We have planted things fairly close together so they can give support to each other and form a micro climate, we are inclined to plant this way with most things, the plants seem to grow faster this way, trying to out compete each other, when they have outgrown their space we can then split them and produce more plants. We also use this method with a lot of our veg, it helps to cut down on the weeds and keeps the moisture under the plants, this year has been quite dry and we would have had to water the veg if we had planted further apart.
Two years ago our fields had little in them in the way of wild flowers, the land used to be cut for hay and also it was let for horses to graze, now with no cutting and just two donkeys grazing we have a lovely mix of flowers growing
including a mass of spotted orchids possible hybridised with the  marsh orchid,
and plenty of clover, both red and white.
The only flowers that were here two years ago is the most perfect rose, I don't know what it's name is but it is quite vigorous and heavily perfumed, it also is an easy rose to take cutting of, most of those I  did last year struck, I will take more cutting this year, we have plenty of hedges in which to plant.
We are now being spoilt for choice with the veg, tonight meal is spinach and mange tout peas and of course freshly dug new potatoes, we have  plenty of Swiss Chard and broad beans although the crop is not as good as last years, a cold spring and lack of pollinating insects at the right time, French beans will be ready later this week  Calabrese in a week or so. We also have runner beans, garden peas and fennel to look forward to .

Tess is growing into a very big dog, she is also very well behaved and loves her cats, Emily is her favourite. Poor Sparky is still having a very hard time from the older cats but Susie did join in a game of ball with him this evening so maybe they will become friends again.


  1. I plant my vegs close together too. Love the wildflowers! Poor Sparky! But in time the kitties will have their pecking order all figured out and Sparky will have his spot!!

  2. Lovely garden! And Tess is just beautiful.

    What do you use to stain/preserve the boards for the raised beds?

  3. That Rose does look the same as the one I came upon. Would love to get that one going here. Lovely to have complete meals from your place. You are doing good this year. We are just starting...all over things are just getting going now. Next year we will be more organised.