Thursday, April 25, 2013

I will not comply, will you?

We don't accept this. Let us keep our seeds EU!

The forbidden seed!
 How many here know that the EU is preparing legislation that will make it illegal to grow crops that are not on a list of approved seeds? A list that currently 60% dominated by big corporations like Monsanto, AstraZeneca, Bayer and others? Today, there are three lists, one for professional growth, one of the endangered species and one for amateur cultivation. The latter two should be removed.
The pros list are basically only hybrids - which means that you can not take next year's seed from his crop.
 Furthermore, it not only be forbidden to sell other seeds than those already mentioned, but also to grow. "File sharing" in the area of seeds will become a criminal act. This means that people be even less able to influence what you eat, when you can not even decide what to grow.
 It also means that the varieties that are historically interesting will disappear, even varieties that can withstand our climate, because the market is too small for the majors to be interesting.
This means that poor people who live off what they grow is referred to in the seedtrades discretion in terms of pricing, which can be costly where there are few players. What do we think about this? Source: Nordgen, Alnarp, association SESAM English translater Monica Ramsten
Today is hatching day, we are not sure how many chicks Matilda has hatched, she started out with twelve eggs but we know she broke four, I have seen three chicks poking their heads out from under her so far so hopefully there are more, we will just have to wait and see when she brings them out in her run. I tried to get a good photo of them but only managed to capture one, tomorrow maybe!

The tunnel is now a mass of white blossom from the strawberries and the bumble bees have arrived at last to do their thing, judging by the amount of bloom there should be plenty of fruit this year to make strawberry jam , we are down to our last few pots.
I spotted one set peach today, hopefully there will be more than just one, the tree was a mass of blossom which we carefully hand pollinated with a feather, we might pop the tree outside if we get a
decent summer at the moment it is in the sunroom which is highly perfumed by the freesias' that I planted into pots, they have done very well and we have a mass of blooms on them, purple whites and yellow, lovely.

Despite the spring being so very late this year we still manage to find food in the garden to eat, it's offerings today are purple spouting kale! and rhubarb.

And finally Tess, she gets bigger every day, she always has to have something in her mouth which she loves to present to us, unfortunately she has now learnt to get up on the dining room chairs to give us her 'offerings'. She is a very bright dog and now knows the signs of us going out, changing our shoes or putting on our coats, she then heads straight to her bed in the utility room, this is not something that we have taught her to do, she just does it. Possible it's her way of saying she does not want to go out in the car, we have only taken her in it once and she was a good as gold but has refused to get in it since.


  1. All signed up, Anne. Will get Liz to do it on her return.

  2. I also posted the link into the 'Allotments' Group on Facebook. There are some keen growers on there. Might get a few more signatures.