Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bit of a breeze.

It was a tad windy last night, the wind howled around the cottage and we could hear all manner of things crashing around, it continued for most of the night but brought with it sunshine  and only light showers today.
 We were not sure what damage we would wake up to, but in fact apart from one of the hen houses being blown over, and the polythene being blown off of the cloches there was no damage as such.
I'm sure it must have been quite alarming for the poor hens in this house to suddenly finding their house shifting on it's side and their perch collapsing  but they are fine and none the worst for their disturbed night. This is not a particularly small house, 8X4 and houses about 40lb weight of chickens plus the nest boxes and perches, so the wind must have been very strong indeed. 

The rain and warmer weather has brought all manner of things into bloom, it really is beginning to feel and look a little more spring like.

All the strawberries are in bloom now in the tunnel and hopefully it wont be too long before we have our first feast of them. 
French beans and peas are now planted in the tunnel which is where I have been working today, and boy was it hot in there even with both doors open. Hopefully I can get the rest of the weeds cleared during the next week and then I will have room to transplant the tomato plants which are raring to go.

Tess loves to 'help' with anything that we do, weeds put into a bucket make a wonderful toy for a dog, or so she thinks, I would prefer her not to scatter them around though , maybe I could train her to put them on the compost heap. Where ever she is she always has to have something in her mouth, even when she's asleep.


  1. You're really cracking on with things there. Good that were chickens were ok after their drama.

  2. Reading through your blog always makes me hungry!!! Glad springs finally arrived, the pictures are great and Tess is looking so much bigger! xxx

  3. Poor chooks! You'll have to lash the house down with guy ropes! What is the red flower on the plant with dark green glossy leaves?