Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter is here.

Snowy scene.
We have so far seen very little of winter but last night it started to snow and we awoke to an inch or so of snow, it looked very pretty but the hens were totally confused, help, our grass has turned white!
What has happened to our grass?
The donkeys were fine wandering around the forest where the grass was still showing.
Pippa and Poppy.
Poppy, the foal.
 Tess first tried to eat it and then just played in it, she was quite matter a fact about it all.
Tess having fun.
 However the sun soon came out and by midday it was all gone. I like snow, not too much mind you, but there is always a quiet magic about it, it has a totally different silence to normal silence, a listening silence. The forecast tells us that we may get some more this weekend.
 Our small wild birds are very appreciative of the food we hang up for them, we have lots of tits, mainly coal-tits, great tits and blue tits, at last we have a resident Robin and a pair of Blackbirds and several Wrens. Soon we hope to hear the Sky Goat again, this is the Snipe, which when calling for a mate sounds just like a goat bleating, it make this sound by it's feathers not it's voice, it is quite an eerie sound.
Looks good enough to eat.
Snow on the ground is always a good incentive to bake, we bake regularly, including all our bread but today having so many eggs Simon decided to make a pound cake,  just about the easiest cake in the world to make, a pound of everything, flour, sugar, butter and dried fruit and six large eggs, a handful of crushed walnuts,  plenty of spices, a pinch of salt and just mix it all together, bake in a slow oven until golden brown, about two hours. This cake turns out perfect every time.
The horse meat saga continues , yet another burger making company has been found to have horse DNA in the imported meat, 75% this time, the highest yet, this company seems  to have no link to the other four companies and they called in the Dept. of Agriculture to test the imported consignment. In turn the Dept. of Agriculture has now called in the fraud squad. This story seems as though it will run for a long time yet.  Burgers anyone?

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  1. Hello Anne,
    I love Tess frolicing in the snow. Pippa and Poppy look sweet.
    Our snow ended this morning and we got over 2 feet. Its below zero here tonight. In another 6 weeks I will have the sheep sheared and the weather hopefully will be spring like.
    There is a ban on horsemeat in the states even so horses are sent to France by boat in terrible conditions. I would like to see that stopped. I buy less and less meat and only buy fresh meat from local farmers. In one way all these bad things that have happen with foreign meat have helped our local farmers.
    The pound cake looks delicious.
    My best to you