Sunday, February 3, 2013

Meet Bobby.

As the song says, 'It's a long way to Tipperary ' the journey took us three and a half hours, just to get a buck rabbit! Crazy, maybe, but it was the nearest place that we could find a replacement for poor Peter who was killed by a fox. As we keep rabbits for meat production it is essential to have a buck, also there are  three other people who rely on us having a buck. It was a nice day out, one that should have been spent in the garden as it was warm and sunny all day, however the breeder works six days a week and yesterday was the only suitable day.

We have called the new boy Bobby, he is still a bit young to start him working but we will test him out at the end of this month to see if he is fertile, maybe we should start charging for his service. Rabbits, well meat rabbits, are expensive here, both as stock and to buy for eating, the rare butchers that have them for sale charge twelve euros for a rabbit weighing two kg, that makes them more expensive that an 'Organic' chicken.

As we knew we were going to out for most of the day we decided to take Tess with us, eight hours is a long journey for a pup but it is also a long time to leave her at home without us. She was as good as gold, we stopped several times for her to stretch her legs and to have a pee, but none of the grass seemed suitable to her, she was interested in the new smells, and took well to being walked on a lead, only the second time we had used a lead with her.

 Robbie our very old Jack Russell was probably pleased to have the house to himself for the day in stead of being pestered by her for a game and welcomed her home by growling and baring his remaining teeth.
Robbie is now twelve years old, eighty four in human terms, so I suppose he is entitled to be a grumpy old man

The young quail are all doing well and growing fast , a second batch have been set in the incubator and are due to hatch on the 17th of February.
It seems that the contaminated meat scandal is not yet at it's end after pork DNA was found in Halal meat 'due to unforeseen circumstances' I wonder what that statement means, unforeseen as in the company concerned did not expect to be found out?
We long ago came to the conclusion that any food produced in a factory should be eaten with caution, we do look at labels out of interest and it never ceases to amaze us the amount of things listed as being added, we just wonder how many things are added but not listed, thank goodness we don't have to eat the stuff.
 We also wonder how many people understand the consumer advice labels, Best Before, Sell By and Use By. So much good food is thrown out when there is nothing wrong with it, in the case of the UK it works out to nearly seven hundred pounds a year per household, yet food banks are being opened at the rate of four a week for people who cannot afford to buy food, there seems to be something very wrong where many people cannot afford food yet other people have so much that they throw it away.     


  1. Bobby is a beauty, a long drive but worth it. And Tess she really did well. I love Robbies welcome, I can't blame him.
    My friend and I were just talking today about supermarkets. The one I go to sells produce at a deep dicount when its brused and so does the vegetable place where I buy my carrots. But another grocery story in my area has no discount bin, I wonder where that food goes. Probably in the dumpster. A food bank could make a hardy soup with it and people could have a good meal. We have so many homeless people here and poor people who are called the working poor. They could have 2 or three jobs but still don't make enough to make ends meet every month. Big business still continues to pay large salaries but that too will end someday and we will be the ones that are prepared by growing our own food etc.
    I am so glad you had a lovely day.
    My best to you and your husband

  2. Most of the supermarkets here do reduce their produce by a third, it is unusual however to find veg reduced or maybe they do, it's not something we ever look at. In the UK they are now using food waste to produced energy by means of methane digester's. There are also certain companies who are approved to distribute food nearing it's shelf life to the soup kitchens and food banks. It all helps but I think they need to start again in schools teaching kids to cook from scratch, the last two generations of parents seem to have little idea how to do this so they can't pass it on to the children.

  3. Hi Bobby, and welcome aboard! We are some of those those people who "rely on (us) having a buck" and we have some hot talent lined up for your services when you are ready. Take you time, young fella, and enjoy it. By the way Anne - we'd be more than happy to pay a 'stud fee' - we'd expect to with getting dogs serviced and ewes tupped, so why not the rabbits? We can 'pay' in frozen lamb joints if that's preferable.

    Also, we'd be happy to babysit Tess if you're on any more long range missions and not happy about having her in the car for that long.

    Finally, on horse DNA we were mildly amused to hear that Supermacs, Irish burger chain who have been crowing their innocence in recent adverts are now also tarred with the brush. Pride comes before a fall?