Friday, June 22, 2012

Wine and cordial

The Elderflower cordial is now made, I ended up doing two batches as the first one smelt so delicious, I would have made even more but we have a shortage of bottles, we seldom drink and neither do our friends so the bottles I did manage to round up have contained various things. Vinegar, cod liver oil and olive oil bottles have been recycled, cleaning out the cod liver oil was very hard, I had no idea that the smell would linger so long and the oil just clings to the bottle. Probably the reason it's so good for you. We picked enough flowers to make some Elderflower champagne as well, that is happily bubbling away in a demi john, it's something that I have never made before , no doubt I will find out if the recipe works or not. I don't have the proper bottles but I do have push in corks, I hope these will work OK and we don't end up with exploding champagne.They have always worked for our ginger beer so we are hopeful.

The veg garden is looking after it's self, well except when the rabbits make a break for freedom, even the slugs are being kind to us at the moment. The flower garden is looking good and the roses are great although they have been battered a little by the wind. It's lovely to be able to pick flowers for the house, knowing they have not been transported half way across the world.

The key hole garden is now fully planted, pumpkins, carrots, spinach , chard and some type of cabbage that I had forgotten were in trays waiting to be planted out, time will tell what they are and how well things do in this type of garden.

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