Monday, June 4, 2012

Pleasures of gardens

The garden is now looking fairly established that includes the flower garden. I love to see flowers, I also like to have them in the house, I also think all flowers should be perfumed and most of what we have planted is. I have since we moved been buying flowers, mainly lilly's for the scent, waiting for our own garden to blossom, and now the roses are in bloom, with a few wild ox-eye daisy's and some cow parsley they look so much nicer than anything I've bought.

Most of our poultry is broody, we have one hen sitting on duck eggs and three more hens who would also like to be sitting, they have to be turfed out of their houses every day.
Even the ducks are wanting to sit and are now swearing every-time their eggs are collected. One duck however seems quite determined, she has taking to climbing over a dividing fence into the Orpington's run, she then climbs up the ramp, into their house and lays her egg in their nest. She looks so comical, perched on top of the fence trying to get her balance. Seeing as she is so determined to sit, tomorrow we will give her a cat cage, pop some duck eggs into it and see if she will stay there. We can't let her take over the Orpington's house, neither can she sit in the duck house so we will see if she considers the cat cage suitable accommodation .

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