Thursday, February 2, 2012

White and shiny

Today we awoke to a white landscape, the temperatures plummeted to -5c and the outside water froze, it is still frozen as I write at 14.30. The hens and donkeys were somewhat mystified to find the grass white.
The up side is that ice crystals are so pretty.
One of our plans is to disconect from the mains water, this is mainly because we want neither chloride or fluoride in our drinking water so we hope to just use collected rain water, we already use the rain water for our tea making, we found when we first moved here that the tap water made a lousy cup of tea. When we lived in Catalonia we had no water on the land and had to collect it from the local village some 6kms away, this made us very water conscious and made sure we never wasted water, 1000ltrs was a ten day supply for us. I'm sure we will have no problem in keeping the water cube topped up here in Ireland. If we should have a drought we do have a well in one of our fields, but this has yet to be investigated.
There is nothing like having no water to focus your mind on plans that had been put on the long finger, and as our new guttering is due to be done in the next couple of weeks, now is the time to plan where to place the collection cube and how to re- route the water pipes.

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