Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hen housing

Over the last decade huge strides have been made in small scale poultry housing. Ten years ago it was a mater of making a house yourself or getting a handy man to do so for you. Now the range available on line is fantastic and at prices that you could not hopr to build one yourself. All this housing appears to be imported from China and many of the houses have built in runs with covered roofs which is great if you want to go out for the day and leave your hens in total security. All the houseing we have bought is contained within an electric perimeter fence, so unless we are out for a long time the hens have the full run to roam in.
The new chicks are all growing well and love their Organic chick crumb, Organic poultry feed is easy to get here so we no longer have to travel 140k to get supplies.
Growing time is now upon us and we have a propagator full of various veg seeds as well as the tunnel, so we hopefully will have all the veg we need for the forthcoming season.
A friend kindly gave us loads of cuttings of shrubs from her permaculture garden, she also has masses of bamboo growing. When we have time to go over to her again we will be armed with a spade and a hatchet. Another friend has given us lots of herbaceous plants, including five papaver's , my favourite flower, they are always so colourful and a lovely flower to both photograph and paint. With luck later this year our garden will look like a garden and not just a field.

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