Wednesday, October 25, 2017

If you go down to the woods today.

You're sure of a big surprise! no, not teddy bears, but the little people.
Fairy's have suddenly taken over the Demesne  (park)
Fairy seat.
and a whole village of fairy have appeared as if by magic.
This park is a lovely area, with mainly large old beech trees,
They even  have to go to school.
just the right place for the little people to take over.

What worries can fairy's have?
Even the bank has gold dust.

And a local pub.
This tree seems to have two families living in it.
A well to make a wish come true.
The fairy's suspension bridge.

A robin keeps an eye on things.

Running through the park is the Suck river,

the start of which is very close to our cottage.

Looks as though someone took a bite out of this.
Somewhere in this park there is a grave of an elephant named Cindy, however we couldn't find it. Another time maybe.
We still have plenty of colour in the garden as this bunch of flowers show, not bad for the end of October.