Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ugly Tomatoes.

For the last few years we have always planted Sun Gold tomatoes, in my view one of the prettiest tomato and one of the best flavoured ones, however, somehow things went wrong this year. A friend gave us two trays of tomato seedlings. She had far too many for her and two trays were too much for us, so only one tray was planted, we also failed to ask her what they were. None of our beloved Sun Golds were planted. Well, these unknown tomatoes appear to be beef tomatoes, I could be wrong on this as it's not a type I would plant, it's good to look a gift horse in the mouth.
not only do they take the prize for being the ugliest thing we have grown I also don't like the flavour, not much tomato, rather acid and when fried they go to a creamy consistency. We had plans for lots of sun dried tomatoes this year now that we have the dehydrator, I'm just not too sure how these ugly toms will work out. I guess time will tell. Moral to this tale, sometimes
The other mistake this year is our French Beans which have turned out to be Runner Beans, we ordered seeds form a new company this year, and the beans certainly looked like French Beans, they were duly pre-germinated before planting into the tunnel, I was a little surprised how long they were taking to form beans as French Beans are quite quick, but they are most definitely Runner Beans, so we have two lots of Runners, one in the tunnel and the ones in the garden, we have never enjoyed frozen Runners and our experiment with salting them a few years ago was not that successful, and most of our friends all grow their own, so we will have a lot of wasted beans this year unless we can come up with an idea how to use them. I wonder if they would de-hydrate and still be worth eating.
What a beauty.
After having written in my last post about the lack of butterflies we arrived home the next day to a mist of newly hatched butterflies, the Buddleia was full of them,
and Red Admirals, they have remained around us all this week, with new ones appearing daily, including Speckled Wood, unfortunately they are too fast to 'photograph. It's reassuring to see them.
All the peaches have now been picked, the older tree gave us fifty eight half pounders, we ate what we could and the rest have been bottled ready for winter deserts. The store cupboard is now full, so it's just as well the fruit season is over apart from the apples and they will be de-hydrated.
Looking towards Strandhill, lots of interesting Orchids in those dunes.
We once again had a trip to the Sligo coast, via the Ox mountains, but this time we took a different route across the mountains
and discovered banks of Harebells,
we know we had seen them in these mountains once before but could not remember where,
I never get bored seeing the coast, there's always so much movement and interesting things to see,
this time I spotted a Cormorant drying it's wings, it was only after I had taken the photo that I realised that there was also a Heron doing the same thing, unfortunately it's not a clear picture of the Heron.
More waves.
We also found a beautiful waterfall, but not on the coast , this one is in Killukin, in Co. Leitrim. I guess I am  attracted to any water source being an Aquarian. I always find it so calming, even if they are big waves.
The Chinese lantern plant which was gift from a friend has done wonderfully this year, it is now well established.
All the new plants around the pond have taken,
Zara our Persian cat loves to walk around the plants smelling the Thymes and Dianthus, she's not interested in the other plants.
 Now all that remains to be done to the rockery is planting spring bulbs, I can't believe that we are already coming up to bulb planting time again, where has this year gone? 


  1. Sometimes the ugly ones are the tastiest. I think you should stick to sowing your own next year. It's amazing how a particular plant can bring the butterflies in, still not many round here but I'm hoping we'll see more once the sedum comes into flower, they flock to that plant.

    1. Our sedums are just showing colour so hopefully we will see more butterflies. We will definitely stick to our own tomatoes next year, meanwhile we will experiment dehydrating these beef ones, thinking of a sprinkle of salt and sugar and some basil, then pack them in olive oil.

  2. I don't thin k they are ugly at all! Pity they don't taste too good.

    1. The newer ones look better than the first ones, I think we can perk them up with sugar and salt.

  3. Looks like another lovely trip, great weather and great snaps. The Valencian tomato is a big ugly one here but very popular and very expensive. They sell it in restaurants, served with oil and salt for 6 euros! Is the Chinese lantern plant fruit edible? It looks like the "pichuberry" they had all over Peru xx

    1. There are several types of Physalis, yes, the Chinese lantern berries are edible,but the ones that are normally grown to eat are usually called Cape Gooseberry, which we also grow. I've grown the Chinese lanterns for decoration only.