Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Summer abundance.

The soft fruit harvest has been very good this year despite the Gooseberry sawfly  stripping the gooseberries and redcurrant bushes leafs,
the gooseberries gave us around twenty kg of lovely fruit, we have sold around half ,
Last of the Gooseberries.
the rest has been made into jam or just frozen for winter deserts. The Red currants have given us around six kg so far with around another four remaining to be picked, most of these have been sold to a friend who will eat red currant jelly with everything, even with a salad. We don't need any of the fruit this year as we still have several pots of jelly left from last year.
The raspberries keep on coming.
We have lost count on the raspberries, there has been two big pickings one of six kg and the other one weighed in at seven kg, plus what we have picked just to eat for desert, this is one fruit that we keep mainly for ourselves, we have sold a couple of kgs' but it is just about our most favourite fruit so lots of jam has been made plus bags of frozen  berries for the winter month. Next to be harvested will be the black currants, some will be made into jam but mostly they will be used to make Ribena, vitamin C  in a bottle.
The peaches should be ready in about a week,  they are looking very good, what we can't eat fresh will be bottled. The winter store cupboard is filing up.
First of the Sweetpeas.
Both Sweet Peas
First Dahlias of the year.
and Dahlias are now flowering so lots of flowers for the house, and we have had our first picking of garden peas, the French beans are flowering, so they wont be long. So far the potatoes seem to be doing well, no sign so far of slug damage so maybe the nematodes have done their thing, I shouldn't speak too soon but so far there has been no sign of the dreaded blight although there have been plenty of warnings on the local radio station.
I survived the coronary angiogram and it appears that all is well with my heart, nice to know that something is working as it should, however the angiogram is the most unpleasant procedure I have ever had, if I ever have to have another one they will have to sedate me or knock me on the head.
Hopefully I can now stay away from hospitals until my next check up in October.
The last few days have been spent re-making the rockery, it had become very overgrown with silver weed and the dreaded mares tail, we re-discovered the water pump, so once again the pond has trickling water,
Misty is fascinated with the water.
Misty, Freddie's sister is totally fascinated with this trickle of water, and for some reason prefers to drink from it rather than her own bowl of water. The work on the rockery is not quite finished yet, but Simon has incorporated stepping stones into the rockery so it should be easier to weed without stepping on plants.
There is now lots of Ladies bedstraw growing in the hedgerows.
Golden Rubus, now in flower.


  1. So much fruit and beautiful flowers. Do you sell at the gate or just to friends/word of mouth? So glad that you survived the coronary angiogram and everything is okay. Take care.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. You mentioned Faye Kellerman books. I've read several of her books and I'm reading 'Moon Music' at the moment.

    2. I've not read that one, how are you finding it? the reviews aren't that good.

  2. Thanks Janice. We just sell to friends or word of mouth, berries don't sell in our local veg shop for some unknown reason, the exception to this is strawberries but we keep all of those for ourselves.

  3. What a great soft fruit harvest, so many gooseberries. I'm sorry, I meant to answer your question in the reply to my comment a few posts back about sawfly but I forgot all about it, this post has just jogged my memory. My gooseberry bush was at the allotment so it was usually stripped already by the time we noticed the infestation so it was too late to do anything about it. They're such a pain though, it doesn't take them long to munch through the whole bush. Glad the angiogram went okay, I've never had one but I've had plenty of other procedures which are very unpleasant. At least we're getting good care these days. Lovely photos of Misty.

  4. Hi Jo, yes Misty is an absolutely gorgeous cat so is her brother Freddy. We are now on blackcurrants, far too many for our use, from just one bush we picked fourteen pounds, crazy, we have sold a few kg's, given some to a friend who lost all of hers to wild birds.

  5. I love the snap of Misty enjoying the trickle of water! I absolutely love raspberries...but I can't remember the last time I had a gooseberry?! xx

  6. At least we're getting good care these days. Lovely photos of Misty.