Sunday, June 25, 2017

Seasons out of kilter.

Everything in the garden seems early this year,
1st of the Raspberries. 8th June.
I'm sure we have never had raspberries ready at the beginning of June, redcurrants and blackcurrants are also ready for picking, the exception seems to be the strawberries which I'm sure were a month later than normal. We've even had our first courgettes. The vegetable garden is producing an abundance, probally due to the very hot weather that we have had. We have now however had some rain, nothing like normal but enough to keep the garden looking good and to keep the slugs happy, the main damage has been to the carrots, Simon has now sown two lots of carrots, only to have them raised to the ground overnight as soon as they have appeared. We have always been reluctant to use nematodes, it has always seemed odd to us to introduce an alien species to the garden, however after speaking to people who have used them we are now conceding defeat and I have ordered them. Last year we lost over 75% of our potatoes due to slugs and ended up having to buy sacks of potatoes from our Organic meat supplier, we know that he also does carrots as he offered us some last year, but nothing can beat a freshly pulled carrot, so a third planting will be done and the soil watered with the nematodes. I have also been given a sack of wool shoddy so this can be used around susceptible plants. Maybe I shouldn't speak too soon but there are two plants which normally suffer slug damage, Lupins and Delphiniums, yet our slugs have left these plants completely alone.
Day old chicks.
We now have this years supply of chickens on the ground, bought three weeks ago as day olds they are now coming up for three weeks old, today was the day to introduce them to the outside world, they have had a great time pecking at grass, they will still have heat at night-time for the next week, then they will get moved to their big house and run where they will stay until they are ready for slaughter.
A selection of David Austin roses.
The roses have been fantastic this year, again probally due to the warmer weather that we have had,

I had forgotten how many different roses we have, most of them being David Austin roses,

so beautifully scented,
 the poppies
and dianthus are looking great,
and we now have Turks cap lilies flowering. We had forgotten where these had been planted so it was a lovely surprise to find them in full bloom, the perfume from them is lovely.
Arum lilies struggling under a clematis.
We had a trip out exploring the local lanes looking for a wild flower that we had not seen for years, Mountain Everlasting, it comes in two colours, pink and white,
Female Mountain everlasting.
the pink ones are the female plants
Male flowers.
and the white are the male plants. After having been told where to see them we went in search , since then we keep seeing them everywhere, maybe I'm not as observant as I used to be.

Last projects.
The pottery classes have slowed down a bit as my teacher does a lot of Viking re-enactments during the summer months so it's working out to one Friday in three at the moment, this week there is a class but unfortunately I will be in hospital  for the day having a Coronary Angiogram which I'm not looking forward to. My last three peices worked out fine, I'm not too sure what my next project will be, it needs a little thought.
Love this Clematis.
A medley of colour.
Albertine, always reliable.


  1. Oh how I love seeing all your flowers! We're only in our third summer on our new farm and it will be ages before I have the gardens the way I like them. Coming to you blog encourages me. Best wishes on your angiogram.

    1. We've been here for nearly six years now Donna, when we first moved here the land was just two one acre fields, unlike you we didn't have a house to build. We done our bit on building from scratch or renovating derelict houses, now we can concentrate on fun things like the garden.

  2. I think most things are flowering early this year, especially the roses and it looks to be a good year for them too as they're filled with blooms. Good luck with the angiogram, hope it all goes well.

    1. The roses are fantastic this year Jo, there is so much colour in the garden at the moment, I just hope with all this early flowering we not left with no colour later on in the year.
      I will be glad when Friday is over and done with, I'm dreading having the angiogram.

  3. Fingers crossed for the angiogram!

    We´re finally getting some rain after the record temperatures. The roses that haven´t crisped are mostly looking splendid. There´s some beetle that´s gotten into the blooms and eats half. Are there Japanese beetles on this side of the pond? And clouds of flies this year, worse than ever.

    How are the donkeys?

  4. We have also had record temperatures and that idiot in the White House reckons that global warming is a Chinese conspiracy. Can you get a photo of the beetle? You could try stinging nettle juice, cut a bucket of nettles cover with water leave for a week and then strain and dilute 10 to 1, we found it stopped Colorado beetle lava from feeding and damaging our potatoes, we also use it against green fly and it seems to help with sawfly.
    I will be glad when Friday is over and done with.

  5. How strange, I'm sure I commented on this last week and it seems to have disappeared? Perhaps I didn't submit it properly? Well, it was something along the lines of beautiful flowers and the pottery looks fab. Sorry you don't get to do it as much as you would like, and I hope yesterday went well xxx

  6. I have got problems trying to reply to comments, something up with blogger I guess. Well Friday came and I survived it, not something I would recommend having done to anyone if it can be avoided.