Thursday, March 16, 2017

Blooming March.

Our gardens are now a sea of daffodils
And yet more daffodils.
yellow is everywhere, with the odd flash of blue or red.

Blue from Hyacinths, purple and blue from anemone and crocus
and red from the Camellias.
We should have colour from the Daffodils for some time as the doubles and the whites seem to be far behind the yellows.
The frogs have been busy, the spawn has taken up around a quarter of our pond, if just fifty% survive we will be overrun with frogs.
Both of our peach trees are now in full bloom
and have been hand pollinated twice, the apricot tree now has it's leafs. We have had two pickings from the tunnel grown spinach, something I can never have enough of, but our p.s.b (purple sprouting broccoli) is very slow, the shoots are forming but not as quickly as we would have liked.
 The lemon tree produced eleven beautiful fruits for us and is now just coming into flower, I hope we will get as many this year, the flavour and sweetness from a freshly picked lemon is worth waiting for.
The last two weeks have been busy, the time has mainly been taken up because of several hospital appointments for both of us, with more to follow. I am awaiting an overnight stay for sleep study plus a visit to a cardiac specialist. This is due to my  COPD specialist convinced that something other than the COPD is at work. No doubt, in time, the problem will be sorted, maybe it is just old age. I have gone from someone who would not even take an aspirin to a person who now has to take six different types of drugs. I've never been a fan of Doctors, I have always considered them as legalised drug pushers, and certainly the drugs I'm on don't seem to be helping, it all seems very hit and miss.
We did manage to fit in a visit to friends in Mayo, taking a detour we came across a lovely river in full spate,
we did have quite a bit of rain in the first few days of March, I imagine this river is normally a gentle flowing stream.
The weather is variable at the moment but certainly  spring like, with new plants awaking from their winter slumber. 


  1. Hope you feel better! Beautiful blooms. Daffs and hyacinths came up here, but no sign of crocus. Sadly, our camelia buds dried up and fell off.

    Saw these people online somewhere and thought you might be interested;

    Happy Spring!

    1. Thanks Cole. Yes I have used the brownenvolopeseeds in the past. Crocus seem to be very temperamental, purple ones in the garden do fine for us but although I've planted plenty of yellow one none have ever come up except in containers. In your case it could be moles, mole crickets or squirrels. If you Google Camellia bud drop you will find many reason why your Camellias lost their flower buds. Better luck next year.

  2. Your garden looks very colourful, I like this time of the year when everything is waking up

  3. It's a great time off year, everything looks so fresh.

  4. beautiful pictures, loving the colour. It's the same here, think it's my favourite time of year! Fingers crossed for the lemon tree! xxx

  5. Up date on the lemon, it's now full of bloom, I keep leaving the porch door open in the hope than some flying insect might pop in a do it's job on the flowers.