Thursday, January 12, 2017

Spot the difference.

Last week we learnt the hard way that buying frozen fish is a waste of money and the plastic bag it comes in probally would have more flavour. We  sent an email to 'Donegal Catch' saying how disappointed we were in their product, needless to say, we received no reply. We can only assume  that they are so used to receiving complaints that they no longer bother to respond. This week we took the trip to our real fish man in Ballina,
Fresh cod versus frozen.
fresh cod was on offer at only twelve euro a kg, plaice at two euro a throw and hake at seventeen euro a kg. We now have replenished our stock of fish , this should last us for the next eight weeks.
Third generation.
Although this fishmonger has an overnight courier service, I still like to see what I'm buying, and it makes a nice trip out. This fish shop has been established for over fifty years and our fishmonger is the third generation of the family to run the business. I wonder how long this shop would have lasted if they didn't respond to customers feedback?
There are a few signs that spring is not too far away, bulbs are well up with flower buds on the daffodils,
one of the pulmonarias  is flowering,
Red hellebore.

White hellebore, I also spot a buttercup that needs removing.
likewise the hellebores,
An early Camellia.
there's even a brave camellia with one flower out, many more to come but way behind the first one.
Things are slowly developing in the new tunnel,
the garlic is well up,
broad beans not making too much headway, they are the same size as a couple of weeks ago.
Tiny cauliflower but they will come on.
Tiny cauliflowers have been planted into one of the beds, they look so small but should soon make headway with a few degrees of warmer weather, and increased daylight. Not that it's been cold this winter, so far it's been the warmest and driest for the past four years, although today it has done it's best to deliver a dusting of snow, as long as it stays just that, a dusting I will be quite happy. However, a few days of really cold weather would have been welcomed to kill off some of the nasty's in the soil, slugs in particular.
The apricot, it's got two chances.
The apricot tree gifted to us from a friend has been planted in the new tunnel, whether it survives or not is in the lap of the gods. It seems that we should have moved it late autumn as apricots are so early flowering the sap will already have risen, we are also a bit concerned that there was not enough root on it, still it has two chances, it lives or it dies. 


  1. Stop with all your pictures of spring! You're killing me! We've had nothing but ice storm after ice storm in Illinois. Fell twice today doing chores. Poor me. So happy you found good fish again.

  2. That's the beauty of a tunnel Donna, I know it's on your list of needs. Even if we run out of fish we will not go the frozen route again, once bitten etc..

  3. Lovely to see the garden and tunnels developing. There is no competition between those cod. I love fish and feel happier knowing you have your stocks replenished! xx

    1. Well you are in the right place to get good fish, that's one thing I miss, lots and lots of fish stalls.