Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Perfumed Posy.

The flower  gardens are full of summer colour now, each day there seems to be something else in bloom, a lot of which I had forgotten I had planted,
A poppy with peony pretentions.
or in the case of some lovely lilac poppies that have appeared by magic, maybe they had been laying dormant for years, or maybe the fairies have been at work, however they got here they are a welcome addition, I hope they self seed.
The Delphiniums are looking truly magnificent and very regal, they are all over six feet in height, these plants were from a plant swap,
Blue with a hint of purple.
one is a lovely pale shade of blue and the one next to it promises to be a pale purple,they look lovely with the foxgloves which have also grown to over six feet,
White Foxgloves.
the foxgloves were all grown from seed including the lovely white ones.
Deep blue Delphiniums.
The dark blue Delphinium is a plant that I bought.
The Rosa rugosas are also looking lovely,
White rosa rugosa
I love the white one, again these were all grown from seed.
Yellow loosestrife on the right.
The yellow loosestrife was a gift from a friend, it's a great plant for flower arrangements.
 The Dianthus were all grown from cuttings from a friends garden,
they are just about the easiest plant to propagate this way.
I think my dream garden would be bordered by Dianthus and Lavender, I am working towards this aim!
So much scent.
The little posy is full of scented flowers straight from the garden, roses (David Austin) Dianthus and Honeysuckle, it smells heavenly.
I love this little vase.
The little vase that they stand in is a studio piece, picked up in a local charity shop for just two euro, I love it and it matches other pieces that we have, possible from the same studio which is not far from here.
The back garden is planted mainly with roses, mostly again David Austin as they specialise in old fashioned perfumed varieties,
A perfect rose.
this beautiful yellow rose came as part of a special offer from an Irish gardening catalogue, they were doing a special offer of five David Austin roses for fifty euro, but you didn't know what varieties you would receive, we weren't disappointed, and they are all well perfumed.
The vegetable garden is also full of food , we are spoilt for choice, but does it all have to come at once? Tonight it will be broad beans and calabrese, followed by yet more strawberries. these are the outside ones, we are picking 750g every other day.
Cambridge favourite.
When I bought these plants I did a bit of research to see the best type to grow in our climate, good old Cambridge Favourite came out tops, we haven't been disappointed either by flavour or the production of the plants.
Pineapple weed.
One of the hen paddocks has been taken over by Pineapple weed, Matricaria discordea, again this seed must have been laying dormant for many years, you can use it in salads or to make tea but unfortunately the hens don't seem to like it, but it is hardwearing and it defiantly gives of a strong smell of pineapples.
Arnold taking his two favourite girls for a walk.
 I suspect the fact the poultry don't seem to like it explains why Arnold our Muscovy drake decided to take two of his wives for a walk around the garden today no doubt looking for grass, Daffy and Dilly have always been his favourite girls and he is very protective of them.


  1. SO so beautiful it all is. Gosh i have bulbs that i still havent put in the ground. My favorite will always be the blues and purples with a bit of white thrown in. Im not doing a great deal out there this winter and my fingernails are so so long. I might even paint them. Usually they are broken and stained from gardening.

    1. I'm getting complaint from the other half that I have too much in the garden! There's a solution to that, he will have to make me another flower bed then I can transplant some things, but of course that will mean I have to buy more spring bulbs. ( I'd better not mention that point)

  2. I love the white foxgloves, I have never seen any before. Awww Arnold, such a gentleman :)

    1. I can send you some seeds once you have moved although they wont bloom the first year. let me know if you would like some.

  3. The fairies have indeed been busy

    1. It would seem that way BG. That reminds me we still have to make some fairy doors.

  4. Lovely photos, I have just found your blog looking forward to reading it from the start.

  5. Lovely photos, I have just found your blog looking forward to reading it from the start.

    1. Welcome, I hope you enjoy the blog and return to it.

  6. I have just gone and double checked my 'chamomile' and found that it, too, is your 'Pineapple weed'. We live and learn. I will nip in and correct my own blog.

  7. I love when flowers pop up unexpectedly, last year was the first year on our new allotment site and beautiful poppies sprung up amongst the potatoes, I was thrilled. Roses are one thing I've never really taken to, until the last couple of years, I can't get enough of them now. I don't know why I didn't like them before. I'd love a Rosa rugosa but I think it's a little thuggish for my small garden, the flowers are beautiful though.

  8. Just beautiful Anne, so impressive. And great snap of Arnold too! xx

    1. He's a lovely boy, and now a dad of seven ducklings with hopefully a couple more to hatch overnight.