Friday, March 6, 2015

Pesky weather.

The week started with snow,
real snow that stayed for a couple of days, although it did not feel cold there was nothing that could be done in the garden so more seeds were planted in modules and seed trays and placed in the propagator, all the previous seeds germinated well.
 I am so pleased that Simon built the greenhouse, it stays above freezing and seems a good place to harden off the seedlings. So far we have had very good germination, this might be due to the new compost that we are using, a certified organic one, it's the first time we have found a properly certified compost, it is very fine, and retains moisture well without being water logged, ideal for seeds and so far there has been no damping off.
Exactly what is needed on a snowy day.
The snowy weather was exactly right for a bowl of hot tomato soup,   I  made a lot last year when we had a glut of tomatoes and had frozen lots of  bags, they have come in very useful. A quick lunch time snack on a snowy day. No sooner had the snow cleared than wind returned, with vengeance.
We have numerous wild birds that come to our feeders , amongst them are  blue tits,
great tits,  hedge sparrows and a couple of robins and wrens. For little birds they get through a tremendous amount of seed and fat balls. They are lovely to watch and so far the cats have left them alone, preferring to watch them through the French windows.
Suzie thinks the silk throw is just right for him.
The new bedhead and cushions are now completed, any craft work will now be on hold until next winter.
At last the first daffodils are out,
A dwarf Daffodil makes it's appearance. 
a week later than I had expected,
primroses have been out for sometime, they don't seem to mind the weather,
the hellebores likewise.
Today we spotted the first of the irises, and the Camellias wont be long,
they are now showing swollen buds and lots of colour, so spring is doing it's best.
The straw bales have now finished the conditioning process, they warmed up very well and seem to be composting as they should, I have started trying to sort out the two beds of strawberries, the best plants being transferred to the straw bale bed, in theory this should leave  two beds free in the tunnel, I however would prefer to err on the side of caution, and keep some of the strawberries in an existing bed, just in case! Just in case of what say's Simon, well just in case the straw bales don't work, of course they will he replies. The problem is I hate to throw away healthy plants, I'm just as bad with tomato plants, I can never resist planting the side shoots that I remove and end up with a tunnel that resembles a jungle. I must try to resist the urge to replant anything and everything and try to keep some order in the tunnel.
Daffy duck wondering where the grass has gone.


  1. The last two days here have been beautiful, blue skies and warm......of course it was on the days I was working so couldn't get out to the veg patch.

  2. I have plenty to do in the tunnel but Simon is trying to get the ground ready for potato planting on St. Paddies day. We have strong winds and rain forecast for the next couple of days.

  3. It's great to see the nearing of spring, the weather has been eratic this year to say the least. I love your double helibore.

    1. I love hellebores Ian but they are so expensive to buy, where we lived in Galicia there were two different types that grew wild in the nearby forests, do you find them wild in Asturias?

  4. It's windy down here in West Cork too. Mowed the lawns yesterday without the grass box on. Planting onions and potatoes today, hopefully!

    1. Tremendous storm here last night, probably the strongest one we have had.

  5. We are with you on the soup, Anne. We have just done a freezer audit and discovered several portions of frozen soup that, had we known they were there, we would have used up through the cold weather. Ours is mainly kuri-squash and the like. We did not have a tomato glut.

  6. Late again, i've been away. The bed is looking lovely and i understand your hesitant about the bale beds. We don't want to risk strawberries, now do we? LOL As always your garden is looking promising. Lots of future vases filled.

  7. I'm pleased with the way the bedhead turned out Linda after one false start, my eyes are not too good nowadays so things take longer, the joy of getting old.
    We have lots of different veg seeds that have germinated and are also doing a fair few flower seeds for cut flowers this year, hopefully I will have a good selection for the agricultural show in August. I don't want to risk having no strawberries as I will also be entering strawberry jam into the show.

  8. I'll be interested to hear how the compost works for you, it can be so variable these days, two bags of the same make are rarely alike. I love watching the birds in the garden, I hang different kinds of seed and food and it attracts quite a few different species. It's lovely to see things starting to flower showing us that spring really isn't far away now.

  9. You can never be too cautious when it comes to strawberries! Again, gorgeous potos of the flowers x Lauren