Thursday, August 21, 2014

Moving towards Autumn.

This weeks flowers.
There is a definite chill in the air once the sun has gone down, the  summer is slowly moving towards autumn.
Another three pounds of cherry tomatoes.
Tomatoes are ripening quickly now and we should be able to bottle some or make tomato puree. The beans and peas are still producing masses of pods, we can't keep up with the runner beans or the cucumbers, the root crops are all doing well, lots of veg for winter soups and stews.
Purple sprouting broccoli and curly kale planted as four inch high seedlings only a month ago have now turned into triffids, this is the last of the green crop plantings for this year, all that remains is planting of Garlic in October and over wintering Onions in November, it will then be time to put the veg garden to bed with lots of compost on the beds, to rot down during the winter.
The Tansy is looking great.
The high summer flowers are now giving way to late summer ones which seem to be mainly yellows
Bergamot, the leaves are highly scented.
and purple, very 1960's colouring.
There is always something to be done in the garden.
There will be new flower plants to plant into the latest bed currently under construction,  some well established plants need to be split,  a new hedge needs to be planted,and no doubt I will find room for more bulbs,
I do like a colourful garden, I wish I could find something that blooms during November and December, I'm sure there is something other than winter heathers and pansies.
Freddy making a good recovery.
Freddy is now home and making good progress, he and Misty are now the best of friends again, Misty seems to have got over her jealousy and they have wonderful games together.
Today Porky the second pig went to the butcher, Matt turned up on the dot of eight am with the promised extra pair of hands,  Simon armed with a bucket of feed and a packet of ginger biscuits led the pig, Matt behind her cut of any chance of her going backwards. The whole loading was done in just twenty three minutes, a vast improvement on last weeks effort of an hour  and a half, maybe we can repay the favour to Matt by helping when his pigs have to take the final trip. Many thanks Matt.

Gladiolus Murielae, highly perfumed and late flowering.


  1. Glad you were able to load the other pig . Freddy looks good. You tomatoes have done well. Many gardeners here are having problems with their tomatoes this year. The spell of much cooler weather affected them. I think that If I can get a hoop house made before next spring I will plant my tomatoes in there.
    In another of your blogs you mentioned chickens in an orchard. Is there risks for bird attacks or are they few and far between? You flowers are lovely.

  2. It was a relief that the second pig loading went well, we have learnt from the experience. Freddy is now back to normal thankfully. Last years tomatoes were nowhere near as good as this years yet it was a hotter summer last year, we found that even when we lived in Spain the tunnel grown tomatoes cropped better than the outside ones. In this part of Ireland we have very few birds of prey so they are quite safe, I think most birds of prey prefer open ground to hunt in so a orchard would probably give hens a degree of safety.