Monday, May 5, 2014

Seal of approval.

We had a visit from a friend today bringing with her a female rabbit for mating with Peter Rabbit our buck, he did his duty, so in thirty days or so he will be a father, again. We should have kept count as to how many young he has now sired. He always gives a good result, he is a lovely rabbit and very friendly towards humans.
We haven't seen much of this friend over the last couple of months as she has been busy lambing, having been widowed at a young age four years ago she carries on, but life is not easy for her and she is now feeling the strain. She and her husband originally were Organic pig farmers although they also had sheep, when Ted died the pigs had to go, she thought the sheep would be easier for her to manage. Her opinion on the sheep is much the same as ours, more bother than they are worth and always thinking of new ways to commit suicide.
Keeping an eye open, just in case there's more food.
 She would love to have pigs again, like ourselves she will not buy commercial pork, so we were very pleased when she asked if we would do a extra pig next year for her to buy. She was impressed with our set up and feeding regime, but has suggested that we need a third run to make sure there is no build up of parasites,  we will take her advice on this, but  it's nice to be given a seal of approval from an expert.
Supper time again.
                                       The piglets are growing well
Perimeter after twelve hours work.
and making a wonderful job of ploughing the paddock,
Perimeter, seven days on.
it is amazing how much they have cleared in just over a week. They like people, over the last few days we have had several visitors and the pigs have greeted them all, maybe they see a human and think food, but maybe it is just that they like humans. However, they still do not like Tess, she is a little put out about this as everything loves her, even Daffy duck.
Bramley apple in full bloom.
We are very hopeful for a reasonable fruit crop this year, the blackcurrants , redcurrants and gooseberries are a mass of bloom  and being fertilised by wasps! as well as bumble bees.
The fruit trees are also full of blossom, we are hopeful for the  plums, apples, cherries , damsons and even the quince, all are full of blossom.
We have had our first picking of Spinach beet, and the Purple Sprouting broccoli  is still going strong.
Six months storage and still fresh and juicy.
We had stored beetroot last year and had forgotten about it, today we re-discovered it, cut it open and it was fine, this we fed to the piglets who really enjoyed it, they also love celery, swede and potatoes, it's a good job we planted so much last year, so far the piglets have cost us little to feed.
Bluebell time again.
At last we have had some rain, this has brought out all the Bluebells in the local woods, such a lovely sight and perfume.


  1. Lovely blog entry! Great to see the piglets are settling in well, they've done an amazing job ploughing. Poor old Tess, I'm sure they just need a bit more time to get to know her, hehe! Spinach looks good, not much spinach in the shops here at the moment but lots of chard. Those bluebells are gorgeous, as do the trees in blossom. Take me back! x

  2. The piglets are fun, the only thing we have found that they don't like is celery, the beetroot they loved. Hope to see you back here sooner than later, miss you both.

  3. How did you store the beets? They kept very well.

    1. We stored the beets in a wooden box filled with straw, with the beets inside not touching each other, in the workshop which is cool. We were surprised how firm and juicy they still were.