Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Early Rhubarb.

We might have had a lot of rain this winter but it has been very mild.
Yesterday we had our first picking of Rhubarb, I don't think we have had it quite this early before.
I just simmered it for five minutes with a little sugar and served  with homemade ice cream, it was delicious. If this weather keeps up we will soon be eating it most days, or at least until the first strawberries are ready.
The cats are also enjoying the fine weather, Sparky had great fun chasing bees and fly's, however he encountered the pond,
Poor Sparky, a very wet cat, no damage, just a loss of dignity.
he tried to walk on water, and ended up in the pond, poor boy, he was quite embarrassed about the whole episode, I don't think he will go near it again.
Peach Blossom.
The peach tree is now a mass of bloom, Simon has done the hand pollinating, and will repeat the process in a few days. I hope we get more than just one fruit this year, we should do considering how much bloom there is.
The warm weather has brought out the bees and
                                           Bull Finches have now appeared.
The one in the photo was feeding on the buds of the Hawthorn bushes.
 The dry curing process is now completed on the second lot of bacon , now it has to hang for several days before we can try out our new smoke house. The Guanciale has also completed the first stage of curing it is now being air dried for several weeks, so we have to wait to see if it has worked as it should.
Daffodils are now in full bloom , even the Asparagus is showing above ground, it makes my mouth water just thinking about eating it.
Simon has just come in from locking up the birds and rabbits, he was thrilled to report the first Sky Goat mating call,  the Sky Goat is in fact the Woodcock, but it sounds just like a goat calling, quite an eerie sound  if you don't know what it is. I'm sure this is also earlier than last year.


  1. Ooh yum, I love rhubarb, don't expect to see that over here. Poor Sparky, I like the way he's trying to slink out of shot with embarrassment. Great to hear the asparagus is showing...we were there when you bought it! Peach blossom is so pretty, fingers crossed for more delicious peaches! x

  2. If you know any Brits living full time there with a garden you might find rhubarb, the Galicians had heard of it, Rhubarbo, but had never seen it growing before ours.

  3. You are ahead of us on the rhubarb, Anne. We have tiny, euro-sized tight leaves slowly unfurling on inch long stalks.