Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Season weather change.

Summer is over, and winter is trying to make itself felt.  Yesterday was mainly dry and the sun was still warm but this morning it was all change,the winter gods had awakened , the sun had gone and the rain arrived with a rising wind and a drastic drop in temperature. Time to get the winter woolies out, and give protection to some summer plants.
The Dahlias are still blooming, it seems such a shame to cut off their foliage and to dig them out to put into frost free storage.
 The Fuchsias should be hardy and the herbaceous plants will all be fine,
  we still have Gladioli blooming, they should have finished in August,

the Yarrow
and Nasturtiums are still blooming two months after they should have finished,
 roses continue to bloom but this is not unusual,
 I have often picked the odd rose on Christmas day.
 What should not be flowering is Wallflowers yet these started blooming in April and are still going, they should not have bloomed until next February.
The garden still has so much colour in it, the season are certainly out of sync.

The beach tree is lovely to look at out of our bedroom window, we will enjoy it till the wind takes it's leaves.
This years potato patch has been fed and covered ready for next years planting of Brassicas and Leeks. We have yet to decide where next years potatoes will be planted, most of the veg garden is now raised beds, we hadn't planned on cultivating more land for the veg but it looks as though we will have to.
We will be growing far more in the way of winter squashes and pumpkins next year, they are such an underrated crop and so versatile, as well as great to store. We  have a few friends who have grown different types to ours so we will be seed swapping, we should all end up with nine different varieties
The Rhubarb has yet to be dealt with, a good feed of manure and then a straw mulch should give it a good start for next spring. We look forward to the first crop of the new season which is always Rhubarb, hopefully in March depending on what the winter throws at us.      


  1. Is it normal to have flowers still blooming at this time of year for you? I know most of my flowers here were done by August. Our overnight lows have been on average of late -7 C. I am envious of anyone who has a long growing season.

    1. We had a very slow start to spring this year, although dry it was cold ,( not your sort of cold) until very late April beginning of May. We have had three light frosts so far, it is unusual to have so many different types of flowers out at this time of year, Fuchsias will continue a little longer, and the roses with luck will still be around at Christmas. The first flowers of the year will be Snowdrops, Jan/ Feb. if it remains mild maybe the first Daffodils, Primroses should be out in March but I have some blooming now and have been since last spring . Camellias should be out late March, they will bloom even if there is snow on the ground.