Monday, May 6, 2013

Back to GMO's

During the past week we have contacted six of the major supermarkets in the UK  regarding their abandonment of sourcing GM free feed for their meat and dairy products, (as far as I am aware we have had no ban on GMs in animal products in Ireland) Out of the six we contacted only two acknowledged our email, and Sainsbury's was the only one to reply. Their answer was far from satisfactory and it seems that they are willing to put their faith in the latest scientific research and the government say so that there are no safety issues. The scientific research is not independent, it is carried out by the GM companies themselves and when it comes to the likes of Monsanto I would not believe anything that they say including that the  sky is blue and the earth is round.
Below is part of the email we received from Sainsbury's.
The latest scientific research and current Government advice is that GM ingredients do not present any risks to human health.  We do of course acknowledge the concerns of our customers, and therefore do not permit the use of GM crops, ingredients, additives or derivatives in any Sainsbury's own label food, drink, pet food, dietary supplements or floral products.
This is merely part of their published press statement so in fact we have not had the curtsy of a personal reply. I also find it very strange that Sainsburys do not allow GM's in their own brand animal food.

It would seem to us that these supermarkets are working as a cartel which I believe is illegal, it seems strange that they should have all changed their policy's at the same time.
We are lucky, we have land and grow  most of what we eat, including eggs and poultry, we now have a barter with a new friend for trout in exchange for feathers and plants, and the few additional items that we have to buy such as milk and butter are Organic, but for people who live in towns and have no access to a garden to grow in and a limited budget their options are limited.
During the last two decades food intolerances have increased, as has obesity and certain types of cancer, the powers that be blame the obesity on junk food and no one would disagree that junk food can cause obesity but there are many people who do not eat junk food yet are obese, as no monitoring has ever been carried out on humans who eat GMO's it is impossible to prove that these are the cause, although when fed to animals numerous health problems arise. Why should people suddenly start having food allergies when they have not chanced their diets? Why should there be an increase in certain cancers? The only think that has really changed in the last two decades is the introduction of GM's into peoples diets.
If the day ever comes that these food stuffs are PROVED safe to eat I might reconsider my views, but as this is very unlikely to happen I think I'm, on a safe bet.

Things are moving at last in the garden, the main crop potatoes are up,  the broad beans  are in bloom, and the small transplanted cauliflowers and Brussels are doing fine. Peas and French beans are through in the tunnel, and the early potatoes have had their first earthing up.
 All of our seed is Organic including the potatoes, the same variety as we have grown for the last few years, as there are blight resistant potatoes available I wonder why the Irish Dept of Ag, decided to grow GM potatoes on their research site in Carlow although people protested against this once again the people were ignored.
On the 25th May there is to be a world wide protest against Monsanto, the one in Ireland will be held in Dublin, starting at the Peace Garden at 2 pm and ending at the Dept of Agriculture. I have posted a link .

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  1. Anne
    Here are a few other things that Monsanto is responsible for:
    Round up
    Bovine growth hormone
    Monsanto and the people who work for them are pure evil, only in it for the money. The stores we shop in contain these products, its shameful. People buy round up every day. Either they are uneducated or just don't care.
    Many thanks for keeping up the fight .
    On a brighter note Tess is growing up, and Your garden looks great.
    My best to you and your husband