Monday, March 11, 2013

Mysterys of nature.

There's a bit of a mystery in the back garden, we seem to have bulbs that have moved from where I planted them, the bulbs in question are crocus and dwarf daffodils, I know where I planted them but they have managed to migrate into the middle of black grass, the grass is where I planted it, it's the bulbs that have moved.
 Very strange, we don't have mice, if we did they would have eaten the bulbs, we don't have moles or voles, we only have pygmy shrews and as far as I know they don't burrow, the bed has not been weeded, and only annual seeds got planted, just scattered on the soil. I think this is one that will forever remain a mystery.
Migrating bulbs.

Time seems to go very quickly, it is two years today that we bought this cottage yet is seems as though we have been here for far longer, in fact we have only been here for twenty months as we had the long delay getting all the animals passports sorted out. We now have a well established veg garden where just a bare field had been, lots of fruit and other trees planted, plus several flocks of hens, ducks,  rabbits and the donkeys. Spain is just a distant memory, the only thing I really miss are the good friends that we made there.
More Organic lemons are in Lidl, this time I have bought them to freeze, I first removed the zest with one of the most useful kitchen tools I have, a zester.
A zester, a most useful tool.
 I then put the zest into ice cube trays, each cell takes half the zest of one lemon. the lemons themselves I cut in half and popped into a freezer bag. When I want to make lemon meringue all I have to do is take two lumps of the zest and two half's of the lemons and proceed as normal. All the time consuming work has already been done. I might jus make some more lemon curd while Lidl still have the lemons, we have already eaten one jar that I made last week, and one jar I gave to a friend, so already we are down to three.

The last few days have been very cold, far too cold to continue preparing the veg plot for potatoe planting, yesterday we took a trip out, just exploring lanes we had not traveled before, very little signs of spring but I did spot a beautiful old tree.

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  1. Lovely old tree! Did you see that our 'Million Trees' project is now postponed to April?