Sunday, January 6, 2013

New experences.

Tess the pup has settled in very well, although it is only ten days since we bought her it is as though she has always been here. She is quick to learn and very eager to please although she wishes she had been born a smaller breed as she would love to be a lap dog.
If only I was smaller I could be a lap dog.

 She loves toys and in fact has been spoilt with them, our friends Matt and Liz arrived a couple of days ago bearing a gift for her, a fluffy boot, this is carried around with her , she places her toys in a pile and selects what she wants at any given time, but they all end up in the pile, her latest toy a fluffy fox is a squeaky toy, such fun.
  What can I do next?

Yesterday was her first bath, after the initial shock of being placed in water she soon found it was a very pleasurable thing and laid down in the bath and wallowed in the warmth, she was very reluctant to come  out and did not understand the water disappearing on her.
Today she met the electric fence, she got a belt from it but could not understand why this thing had bit her, looking all around her to find the cause of her discomfort, I'm sure she will encounter it again, maybe tomorrow but after a second encounter I doubt she will go near it again.
So far she has shown no interest in either the poultry or the rabbits, but she loves the cats, they tolerate her, but love might come.
You can't get fresher.

The weather is still very mild and damp,  not heavy rain, just damp, the fields are resembling quagmires, if the ground gets any softer we will sink in it, but the veg continue to flourish, and despite our promise to dig and store the carrots they remain in the ground.

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