Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas blues.

This is one Christmas we will not forget, but not for any good reasons. On Christmas eve we had to have our lovely dog Shannon put to sleep, she had contracted Leishmania whilst we lived in Spain but thanks to the latest treatment that was available survived a further six years, and she had a good six years, but the day before Christmas Eve she suffered a heart attack, the next day she was clearly in pain so a lovely newly qualified vet came out to her and put her to sleep. She was always a good dog with no bad habits and will be missed for a long time.
 So Christmas day was a very subdued day for us and not helped by the fact that we also knew we only had a couple of days left before we would lose a very precious cat, Jason, a beautiful ginger boy, unlike Shannon who was twelve, Jason was only six, he had many health problems and had spent the week before Christmas in the veterinary hospital , we knew when he came home that he had just a short time left with us, the only thing that could have saved him would have been a kidney transplant, today he left us. He will always be a special boy to us, a cat that will never be forgotten.
Christmas day Sunset.

Yesterday we went to friends for a nice afternoon and a feast of Christmas cold meats, including turkey which we decided to give a miss on this year. Turkey is definitely back on the menu for next year. We also met our friends sister and brother -in -law and four delightful children, who were there for the Christmas period, it was lovely to be in company of children who were happy to play or read by themselves and not to be making constant demands for attention. These children come from a home where TV is strictly monitored and Mum cooks real food from scratch. No ready meals and no junk food, I am certain that it is because of the good diet and restricted TV that these children were such a delight , they clearly had a very good and close relationship to both their parents and Aunt and Uncle, a real family, in every sense of the word.
Thank you all for such a nice afternoon.

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  1. Oh, I´m so sorry for your loss. Wishing you a happier 2013!