Friday, November 30, 2012

The best laid plans of mice and man.

Future Forests
Future Forest head quarters in Bantry, Cork.
At last our long awaited order of trees and bushes has arrived, we had hoped that they would come before the soil cooled down but the nursery waits for the leaves to fall,which this year  has been very late.
 We had prepared the new beds for the raspberries by covering the soil with cardboard and then six inches of compost, the idea had been to make a hole through the  cardboard and compost  and just pop the raspberry canes into the holes, good plan, or so we thought until the order arrived, the canes have big roots and no way were they just going to pop into a hole made by a crowbar, so plan B, dig out a trench through the cardboard and plant them, this would have been fine had it not been for the large rocks, by large I mean 2.5 ft long 1.5 ft wide and 5inches deep, there were also plenty of smaller rocks, but only building size, clearly at one time there had been a building there, exactly where the raspberries were to be planted. I do however have a plan for the large rock, providing we can find some way of moving it. Anyway, Simon succeeded in planting all of the canes, twenty five of them, some Autumn fruiting and some summer ones. Next is the new fruit trees, hopefully over the weekend, there are eight of those, apples, plum, pears, damsons and quince, plus a peach tree which has been planted into a very large container and will live in the sun-room.
Not quite labby Rock, but big enough for what I want it for.
The real Labby Rock, Co. Sligo.

We still manage to get the odd day out and always head for the coast, Tuesday was a beautiful warm sunny day so we headed to the Sligo coast where we saw another beautiful sunset.
Sunset over Sligo bay.

                                                            Full moon rising.
Handsome but unwelcome visitor, hooded crow, feeling the cold?

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