Saturday, August 4, 2012

The one that got away.

No matter how close an eye you keep on the courgettes there's always one that gets away, overnight it seems you end up with a marrow. many people like marrow, I don't, but I do like marrow and ginger jam. It's not the easiest of jams to make but when it turns out right it is lovely, with very subtle flavours.

I was given this recipe many years ago and it has never let me down, all it involves is preparing the marrow, with the lemon peel and ginger the day before you are going to cook it. Just chop up your ingredients, place in a large bowl and cover with half of the sugar. Next day bring to the boil and add the rest of the sugar plus the juice of the lemons. Keep stirring until the marrow is a golden colour, by this time the jam will be nearly at setting point, Boil vigorously, until you feel it thicken , remove from the heat immediately, it's very easy for this jam to crystallise,pour into your hot jars and seal. We always use root ginger, and we are quite heavy handed with it, but we both love ginger.

The sweet peas continue to give us wonderful perfume and cut flowers for the house, I will have to plant even more of them next year.

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