Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gone to new homes

The first of our hatches this year have now been sold, it was sad to see them go as they had all been hatched in the incubator, so we are now two Buff Orpington, two Light Sussex and one Jersey Giant less, I know they have gone to a good home, the lady who bought them is chicken crazy and it does pay for a few bags of feed.

Our latest ducklings, the ones that we had so much trouble with the hatching are doing well, but they are so different to the first lot, they are the ruffians of duck world, they don't seem to like their brooder to be clean and dry, I cleaned them out yesterday and within half an hour the litter was soaking again. I had spotted an animal bowl on a stand yesterday whilst out shopping and thought that maybe this would act as a drinker rather than a bath for them, so l cleaned out again and placed the new bowl in with them, went back half an hour later to find them having a great time, although raised up they can get into it and they have now had their first swim, not what I had intended at all.

Some of the rabbits are now in the freezer and one had escaped her run, she was living quite happily for the last three days totally free, we have now managed to recapture her, I think maybe she was fed up with just eating the veg, and seemed quite happy to be reunited with her sisters, maybe she knows what is in store for her.

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