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A little help from our friends

Starting from scratch

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A little help from our friends.

We are not due to move back to Ireland permanently until the middle of July, we have however been over for two weeks to get the garden started as we did not want to lose a complete growing season.

Being self sufficient has always been our number one priority and in Spain we achieved this to about 90% with fruit and veg, we also kept goats , rabbits and chicken for meat ,[See our blog from Spain.] we will continue with the rabbits and poultry but have promised ourselves that we will not keep either goats or sheep. We would like to keep our life simple and allow ourselves time to explore Ireland properly, something we never had time to do in the past.

The area we are moving to is quite close to where we had lived before and we have friends in the area, one of these arranged to come over to our new house with her family and helper and made a good start on digging the virgin soil to start the veg garden . At one time, long ago there would have been a garden but we have found no sign of it. So far we have planted some apple trees, a plum, blackcurrants bushes and raspberry canes, I have also made a start on creating a flower garden.

Future garden plans include a pond, more fruit trees/bushes, expand the veg garden, poly-tunnel and of course the hens. Being an impatient soul I hope for all this to be done this year.

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